When essential oils are distilled from various plants, with care, they can help keep us happy and healthy. While oils are beginning to become trendy, they aren’t new and have been around for centuries!

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When you get started with essential oils with us, you’re not just getting a few tiny bottles that smell good, you’re getting a team. A tribe of oilers who use their oils for everything but are totally down for Starbucks. A team of oilers who love each other, answer questions and offer the best community. Yes, there’s even an entire group dedicated to men.


We will never, ever pressure you.

Oils are something we talk about non-stop because our experience has been life-changing. Just like we’d tell our friends about our favorite drink at Starbucks of our new favorite pair of jeans, we can’t help but tell people about our favorite oils, too.

We are dedicated to giving you the resources you need to start oiling in the most non-intimidating and safest way possible. We are available to answer questions (if we don’t know the answer, we’ll find you someone who does), and we love helping you use your brand-new oils!

The best way to get started? Let me introduce you…

The premium starter kit is 100% the best bang for your buck.

It includes a beautiful diffuser, which makes the whole house smell amazing and gets you the aromatic benefits of oils. The kit also includes literature about Young Living, Ningxia Red samples (Yum!), samples, access to all our awesome groups and…the best part? 11 ESSENTIAL OILS!

The 11 oils in the kit are incredibly versatile and are the best way to dip your toe into essential oils without getting overwhelmed. And, remember, we’re always here to answer any questions about them!

You can learn more about the kit by clicking here

Still have questions?

We’d love to answer them! Feel free to contact us with any questions. If we don’t know the answer, we will find someone who does. That’s the beauty of this community, there are SO many resources.

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  4. Unless we’ve talked about enrolling in the Essential Rewards program, you can feel free to skip this part. Essential rewards is an optional (Amazing!) program but you’re certainly not obligated to sign up.
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We are so thrilled for you and cannot wait for you to embark on this journey to wellness alongside us. Welcome to the  YL family, friend!