Meet L&J




We are Lily and Jared and welcome to our corner of the internet! We are a newlywed couple who reside in the gorgeous state of Colorado.

We created this space to be a place filled with hope and joy, a place filled to the brim with love. We are passionate about what we do in our careers and hobbies and hope to share what lights our hearts on fire with you.

We promise to be intentional about creating a space that lifts people up and never tears them down. We don’t have it all together and we will never pretend to. We invite  you to come “do life” alongside us and join us as we figure things out together.


Our story:

We met in 2014 on a Young Life leader’s retreat and just two weeks later, we went on our first date and never looked back. We got engaged in December of 2016 and Married on April 26th 2018… #WynNoMatterWhat. Our day-to-day life is hikes in the evenings after work with our beagle pup, Rizzo, watching crime television shows, cooking/exploring new recipes (okay, that’s mostly Lily) and doing anything we can to try new things and go on adventures.

Our hearts are fueled by a passion to change lives. Jared has a bachelor’s degree in Criminal Justice and Lily holds her bachelor’s degree in Kinesiology. We’ve both seen lives changed in our perspective fields and we live for those moments. Lily’s heart also bleeds for youth ministry and you can typically find her in the student center at the church in her free time. We both love seeing the lives of our friends and family changed by the powerful bottles that are essential oils but we’ll let you read more about that here.

We don’t promise this blog will be perfect but we promise it will be us which, after all, is all that matters. Thanks for stopping by.