Dear Future Husband

I cannot tell you how many times I was given the idea to write letters to my future husband when I was growing up. From a young age it seemed that women all around me were telling me about this mysterious man I would marry. I was told to write letters promising purity, letters when… More Dear Future Husband

An open letter to my Fiancé on our last dating anniversary. 

Three years. It doesn’t seem possible. It feels like yesterday that I was hard-core crushing on you and trying to figure out if a guy as great as you would like me back. I am so thankful for these last three years. Three years of growth, adventures and so many laughs. You love me when… More An open letter to my Fiancé on our last dating anniversary. 

He is Not Less-Than

Yesterday I saw yet another romantic viral video. I’m sure you’ve seen the ones, where the guy goes through some extravagant day for his girlfriend. He brings her puppies, buys her favorite foods and by the end of it you’re sure it’s a proposal. This one didn’t end in a marriage proposal but rather a… More He is Not Less-Than

Choosing Jared

The term “Falling in love” is misleading. Sure, when you first meet and begin to develop feelings for someone, it feels a lot like falling. It’s easy, simple, butterfly-filled bliss and yet, that’s not real love. Love is a choice. On the surface, we all want the “falling in love” kind of love, we want… More Choosing Jared