wedding series Pt. 3- Parties

It’s time to party! Or at least talk about parties. Not only is your wedding itself a giant party but you get to have lots of parties throughout the process. Bridal shower, bachelor/bachelorette, and the rehearsal. All of them were a blast and we figured we’d each write a little blurb on the parties that were thrown for us. Ready? Let’s do this…


Bridal Shower: (Lily)


The theme of my shower was “50 shades of blue” which honestly couldn’t have been more fitting for this girl who loves all things teal.

The best part of the day was when my Aunt walked in the door and yells “honey, I’m home!” and behind her, came my Grandma and cousin. They all live out-of-state and we weren’t expecting them! They drove all the way to my parent’s house to celebrate me and needless to say my mom and I both cried when we saw them.

Pro tip: Blue frosting dyes everything blue… maybe eat the lighter shades of frosting if you’re the bride.

Bachelor party: (Jared)

My bachelor party was exactly what I would have wanted it to be. Lily and I both agreed on having bachelor/bachelorette parties that were respectful of one another. Maybe someday we’ll blog about that concept but for now…

My best man Kellan and friend Colleen (our “Groomsmaid”) planned my party. It started with paintball, where I dominated…obviously. It was a good time of fearing for your life (and welts) while spending time with some of my favorite people.

Later that evening, we ate at Euclid Hall. Their executive chef, Jorel Pierce, is a Top Chef alum and since I am a bit of a Top Chef fanatic, it was exciting for me. We enjoyed some good Colorado beer and even got adventurous and tried bone marrow and pig’s ears. The verdict? Not bad at all!

For a nightcap, we explored a few bars downtown and took a shot that numbed your mouth and one that tasted like pickle juice! In all, it was a great time and we all had a blast.

Bachelorette party: (Lily)

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I don’t even know where to begin with this whole weekend. Like Jared said, No magic Mike shenanigans happened, which is exactly my kind of party. My bridesmaid, Scout, outdid herself. There are no words to describe how spoiled I felt. We rented this adorable house in Old Town Fort Collins and the first night we chowed down on fondue at the Melting Pot. Then went around to a few different places for drinks (and the cupid shuffle). Yes, this 20-something grandma stayed out, did shots and danced. Shocker.

The second night was a little more my style as we painted at one of those wine and painting classes and then ate at my favorite restaurant, the Rio. Oh, and then I was forced to guess who bought me what lingerie and that stressed me out a bit if I’m being honest.

Altogether the weekend was perfect. A perfect blend of Scout and myself, which I wouldn’t have had any other way. The weekend described the Ying and Yang of our friendship and I love it.


Rehearsal dinner (J & L)

Rehearsing in our matching shirts. This is also the only picture we have from rehearsal day…oops!

Our rehearsal dinner was hosted by Jared’s parents at two cabins we’d rented for our bridal party to stay in. We ordered in pizza ( I right!?) and hung out with our friends and family. Corn hole games popped up outside as we all sipped on beer and shared memories.

We are so thankful for the love that surrounded us that day. Our bridal party made us feel so spoiled and Jared’s parents really did outdo themselves with decorating and planning the whole event. Plus, our family was there and it was so fun to see both sides of our fam interacting for the first time.

Then we drove to our wedding venue where Lily was staying that night and had one last kiss before the big day.

And I (Lily), got to take a bubble bath and relax in our gorgeous honeymoon suite! More on that in the wedding blog.

We took one last selfie as an unmarried couple when Jared dropped me off at my room the evening of the rehearsal dinner.

Our various parties were the most fun we’ve ever had and we continually talk about how we wish we could go and relive them all because there aren’t many moments in life where you’re surrounded by all the people you love. We are excited to share soon about the biggest party of all…our wedding!


Until next time,

-L & J

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