Q&A – 1 month until the wedding!

Hey all,

Lily here!


With one month until we’re married, I figured I’d do a fun little post and give you all a little bit more insight on us and our story so… here we go!


  • How did we meet?
    • We met on a Young Life leader’s retreat during my Freshman Year of college, it was Jared’s senior year.
  • Where was our first date?
    • We went to this little Italian restaurant and then drove around the national monument in Grand Junction and looked at the stars
  • How long have we been together?
    • It’ll be 4 years in October!
  • What was our first road trip?
    • Aside from the 4-6 hours, it used to take us to drive home to see our families… our first road trip was to Monterey California for spring break! We camped and went to the aquarium and even got to kayak with otters popping up all around us. We documented the whole trip on one of those wind-up disposable film cameras and it’s one of my favorite memories.

  • What do we do for a living?
    • Um. A lot. We both work for a community college in different departments. I also teach dance and I’m a Pure Barre instructor which is SO fun! And, of course, we run a Young Living business which we pray will be our full-time gig someday!
  • What’s our favorite TV show
    • We really like most crime TV shows ( Criminal Minds, Blue Bloods, etc..) but I think we’d both agree that we really love The Flash!
  • What are our religious beliefs?
    • We are two people who have a relationship with Jesus. We believe we are called to love God and Love, people. it’s really that simple.
  • When is our wedding date?
    • April, 26th 2018!
    • #WynNoMatterWhat
  • Where was our first kiss?
    • In the parking lot behind the dorms
  • Who is the neat freak?
    • Jared. Hands down. I’m such a messy person. I’d like to lie and say that I’m not but… I am.
  • What animals do we have?
    • Just a beagle pup. His name is Rizzo and we are sort of obsessed with him. We send pictures back and forth of him sleeping because gah, he’s so cute!

So there you have it folks, a few rando facts about us. Like I said, I want this blog to be more consistent. While I’m the primary voice on here, you’ll see more of Jared here soon as well.




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