A little bit of life and a whole lot of love

It feels as if it’s been a thousand years since I sat down to write something here. I hope that as this crazy, hectic season of life dies down; I can truly get back to writing down my thoughts more and sharing our lives and our hearts with the world.

Since moving back to Northern Colorado we have started new jobs, been thrown into wedding planning, bought a house (which currently exists as a hole in the ground and will soon become our home) and so much more. Life doesn’t feel organized or stable but we are happy, so that’s all that matters.

With just over a month left until we become husband and wife (37 days to be exact), I wanted to pop in here. I have to say that we haven’t forgotten about this place but with all the other things in life, it’s been put on the back burner. I hope to be intentional about writing here, about having Jared write and about using this platform we created to truly accomplish all we wanted it to.


So, here’s to 37 days until Mr. and Mrs. Wyn and to remind ourselves that love never fails.


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