An open letter to my Fiancé on our last dating anniversary. 

Three years. It doesn’t seem possible. It feels like yesterday that I was hard-core crushing on you and trying to figure out if a guy as great as you would like me back. I am so thankful for these last three years. Three years of growth, adventures and so many laughs.

You love me when I’m the most unlovable. You comfort my fears and anxieties with ease. You hold me when I cry and call out my fake tears when I’m trying to get my way. You know me better than anyone in this world.
I’m not going to lie, we haven’t always had the perfect relationship, we never will. Why? Because perfection only exists on carefully planned posts on social media (and the bachelor). We are real people, two imperfect souls striving to love each other well. Of course, there are bumps along the way but there’s nobody I’d rather do life with, even the hard stuff.

In April we are getting a brand new anniversary but I’ll never forget how special October 21st is to us. So happy last October anniversary my love, I cannot WAIT to be your wife. ❤


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