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As we re-launch our brand/blog we cannot help but think about where we came from, what brought us together, united in this vision, in the first place. Our deep passions for changing lives fueled this concept of a space dedicated to the idea that love conquers all things. Our love for each other and desire to encourage other couples also fueled this change. What we’ve yet to share on a public platform is the ins and outs of us, of how we met and how we came to fall in love. This blog isn’t a space to be mushy and talk about our story 24/7 but we figured we’d start off this new space with a bang, by starting where it all began…by going back to September.

**September 2014**

Jared’s side of the story:

It was a typical Thursday evening for me as a Young Life College leader. It was the end of Club, our weekly meeting, and we were encouraging the new Freshmen to go on the leader retreat that coming weekend. This was the first time I saw Lily. This highly energetic, excited to get involved girl who was asking for directions to our meeting spot. I thought she was beautiful but was disappointed to hear her say “I’ve got to go skype my boyfriend now!” after I gave her directions.

I made a last minute decision to go on the trip as one of the few upperclassmen going. One of our leader’s was getting married so not a lot of us had planned on going on the retreat. I wasn’t exactly thrilled to be hanging out with all these freshmen but, little did I know…

Lily’s side of the story:

Honestly, I don’t remember meeting Jared at club that night, I don’t remember meeting him until later that week at the retreat. I was nervous about going on my first college trip and excited to learn more about becoming a Young Life leader. And yes, I did have a boyfriend who I was trying to figure out long distance with.

Jared was sitting in the snack shack with some of the guys and myself and a few other girls came in and decided to sit with them. After a while of talking, we all decided to go play some games in the game room. Jared and I ended up on opposite teams in a game of shuffleboard. We got into a silly argument over whether or not the sand made the disks go faster or slow down. As would become a trend in our relationship, I was right.

Jared’s side of the story:

Despite Lily’s fast disks, my team still won that game! That day marked the beginning of our friendship. We both enjoyed the rest of the weekend and I didn’t think much would come of our relationship other than friendship.

Lily’s side of the story:

We got back from that weekend and that Monday my boyfriend called to break up with me. Not having many friends to talk to, I texted Jared and asked if he’d be willing to grab coffee with me and talk about life. We ended up talking for hours on the roof of the student center. We talked about relationships and healing but quickly moved onto getting to know each other more.

Over the next week I began to admire his character and started to let myself see just how incredibly handsome he was. I had never met a guy so kind, mature and sure of his beliefs. It was refreshing.

Jared’s side of the story:

After having coffee and knowing that she was single, I started to let myself fall for Lily. This also became the difficult task of respecting someone recently single while also expressing interest. Over the next two weeks I balanced showing Lily that I cared about her as more than a friend and also getting to know her better. After settling our mutual interest in each other, we decided a first date was in order.

Lily’s side of the story:

It seemed like a lifetime until we went on that first date. We talked and spent time together every single day and I remember feeling guilty that I’d fallen for someone so hard so fast. While I hadn’t been with my ex more than a few months, I was still scared of what people might think if I started dating someone new right away.

Jared and I settled on casually dating for a while until we felt ready to jump into a serious relationship. The first date blew me away. Flowers waiting on our table and a delicious dinner,I couldn’t have asked for anything better. The next day we went and saw “Avenue Q” performed by CMU’s talented theatre department. I was on cloud 9.

Jared’s side of the story:

Over the next month we went on a few more dates and decided to meet each other’s parents before jumping into anything more. Lily came home with me for a long weekend where she met both my parents and my twin brother, Jason. The next weekend I came to her hometown to meet her folks and her little sister. While on this trip, I decided to take the old fashioned route and ask her dad’s permission to date her.  After getting his blessing and making our way back to our school, I planned another date to ask her to officially be my girlfriend. Spoiler alert: She said yes.

Lily’s side of the story:

And I’d say yes again when he got down on one knee and asked me to marry him…but we’ll save that story for another day.




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