The Weeds of Wedding Planning

Wedding planning is in full force in our neck of the woods. We’re visiting venues (Swoon!), tasting food (Yum!), deciding on rings (Double Swoon!) and shelling out what feels like wads of cash at every turn (Gasp!).

This wedding planning life has only just begun, we still have 9 more months of this stress and this joy. We’ve been trying to soak it all up, to enjoy each moment but sometimes we find ourselves tremendously stressed about the whole thing. We’re officially out of the Pinterest phase, the phase of pure bliss and dreaming about our day and we’ve entered the practicality planning phase, the phase of budgeting and realizing that catering costs way more than you ever expected.

So, how do we deal with the weeds of wedding planning? Let’s chat…

1. Remember that the sky isn’t falling

Jared is so good about staying calm in all situations, be like Jared. Lily, on the other hand, starts to stress at the first sign of trouble. Cake costing more than we thought? Panic mode. Can’t decide on a centerpiece? Double panic mode.

We think the key in wedding planing is this; ultimately, it’s not about your wedding, it’s about your marriage. This is just one day of many days together, someday you’ll look back and laugh about how much you cared about cake flavors and wedding favors. It’s not the materialistic things that matter, it’s the event of committing your life to one another.

We have to remind ourselves of this constantly. Budgets can be reworked and crisis can be averted but in the end, these silly details don’t determine the worth of your marriage.

2. Remember that your partner is your partner, not your enemy.

When Lily stressed, She gets snappy. It’s so important to remember that your partner is on your side. No wedding decoration is worth arguing over. Not one. Compromise is key here. Jared really wants chocolate wedding cake but Lily prefers lemon poppy seed cake. Guess what? We probably won’t have time to get a slice of cake anyway so, we’re having chocolate!

3. Take time to breathe and take it all in

Never again will you be in this stage of life. Never! While that may seem intimidating, it makes it much more important to take time to savor the moment. Enjoy running through the store with a scan gun while you register. Don’t take it too seriously! While lily’s method of scanning everything pretty I see isn’t the best, find the balance between following an organized list and being spontaneous and having fun.

And for goodness sake, woman, stand in front of that mirror for a few extra minutes when you pick out your wedding dress! Savor. Every. Second.

4. Let people spoil you

Like We said, you’ll never be in this stage of life ever again, so let people spoil you. Let yourself be a bride/groom! It’s so hard for us (Lily especially) to accept generous gifts from people, we are a life-long window shoppers. So when one of Lily’s best friends offered to buy her the special thing I was trying on, she straight up didn’t believe it and told her no. She insisted and it made Lily’s day. While We are not advocating that all your friends should buy you stuff, we are saying that if it happens, let them spoil you! It’s ok to humbly be the center of attention, just be prepared to spoil your friends when big moments pop up in their lives. It’s about give and take ya’ll.

5. Have a plan

All of the above are fantastic tips but perhaps the most important thing is to make sure you have a plan. Trust us when we say that it’s easy to get caught up in Pinterest perfect wedding land and want every pretty thing you come across. It’s easy to want to splurge on a fancy wedding cake or that gourmet catering menu. It’s so important to have a plan and a budget. When you go shopping, have a list and stick to it. When you book a caterer or a baker, make them aware of your budget and work around it. If you get everything your eyes, or your taste buds, draw you to…You’ll probably end up broke.

This goes back to what we said earlier, your marriage matters more than the wedding. Don’t let your wedding start your marriage off badly by spending every last dollar you have. Be smart. Trust us, you’ll be much less stressed in the end.

So there you have it folks, our best tips for staying calm while you’re in the wedding weeds! Did we miss something? Let us know in the comments!




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